Full SLOPE SYSTEM operates from 23rd January 2014

The full SLOPE SYSTEM will come into effect on 23 January 2014.

You will have a Golf Australia handicap as you do now, but when you play, you will use your daily handicap which may change depending on which course you are playing (at Cooroy as well as at other clubs).

Your GA handicaps will be in the black “Handicap Folder” as usual.

If you are registered on the computer, it will come up with your Daily Handicap which you will write on your score card.  If you are playing a partnered event such as a four-ball or Ambrose, you will need to look up the charts which will be available, to see what your daily handicap is.

The men’s White Tees have a slope rating of 113 which is the rating of an average course.  If men play off the White Tees their handicaps will not change.  The men’s Blue Tees, however, have a rating of 118.  Some handicaps will change.  You need to know your exact handicap e.g. 20.6 when looking up the charts.

The women’s Red Tees have a slope rating of 117, so most handicaps will change while the women’s Black Tees have a slope rating of 115 so some handicaps will change.

The other difference is that, for the purpose of handicapping, your scores are entered as Stableford points (or Par).  Therefore when you play a stroke game, you are asked to write down your Stableford points as well as your gross, even though these will not be used for the actual competition.

NOTE:  The Daily Handicap Look-Up Chart – Cooroy Golf Club Men’s Blue Tees and the Daily Handicap Look-Up Chart – Cooroy Golf Club Women’s Red Tees are available for online viewing under the respective Men and Women sections of the Members area of our website.

Assunta Easton – Handicap Manager