From The Shed – May 2024

155mm of rain fell in April, bringing our yearly rainfall total to 1244mm as of the end of April. A slight reprieve in the rainfall has seen only 58mm of rainfall to date in May. Sunshine and cool crisp mornings see the course in good condition.  Members and visitors alike can be thanked for the current course conditions. Their willingness to abide by traffic control and 90 degree rule has to be admired. Thank you also to the Captains of all clubs for policing these guidelines.


The bridge at the 7th has been replaced with a new steel beam and timber deck bridge that sits on top of the old one and is wide enough for golf carts and walkers only. Thanks to volunteers and Warren, the new bridge was installed and opened to traffic in a matter of hours. The old bridge will be removed as soon as practical.


  •  Height of cut 4mm.
  • Exceptionally happy with greens heading into cooler months.
  • Greens groomed, oversown, granular amendments added and top-dressed in early May.
  •  Lightly dusted again on 20/05/2024.
  • Granular amendments added 13/05/2024.
  • Fungicides were applied to control disease.
  • Will be applied in the coming weeks again.
  • Greens hand weeded.
  • Spot herbicide treatments were applied.
  • Rolling and dew brooming to increase.
  • Spiked after Ladies Cooroy Open.


  • Height of cut 12mm.
  • Aerated early May.
  • Have been oversown again in May.
  • Granular amendments were added in early May.
  • Selective herbicide applications to continue.
  • Regular oversowing to continue.
  • Liquid nutrients and fungicides are to be applied in the coming weeks.
  • Regular aeration to continue.


  • Height of cut 10mm.
  • Aerated late April
  • Regular aeration to continue  Oversown in early May.
  • Traffic control, entry/exits to be engaged in coming weeks.
  • Fungicide and nutrient applications in coming weeks.
  • Selective herbicide applications to continue.


  • Height of cut 14mm.
  • Aerated 15/04/2024 and 07/05/2024.
  • Granular fertiliser applied 02/05/2024
  • Traffic control/cart control has aided in health of grass.
  • Liquid nutrients to be applied in coming weeks.
  • Mowing regularity to be halved.


  • Height of cut 51 mm.
  • Have been extremely wet.
  • Thank to volunteers, have been mowed as soon as weather allows us.


  • New bunker sand is to be added in the coming weeks.
  • Edged, hand-weeded this week.
  • Have come through the wet period well.
  • Still a major headache and maintenance problem.


  • Purchase of new John Deere R4066R tractor on hold due to pending committee changes.
  • No major breakdowns during the last month.
  • Preventative maintenance on point.


  • Mounding systems are on hold due to weather.
  • Topsoil deliveries for fairway mounding to take place this week.
  • Solar system installation complete (compound).
  • Washdown bay drainage is complete.
  • Marty’s hut was cleaned.
  • Marty’s hut is to be painted in the coming weeks.
  • Cart path extensions four and eleven will commence in the coming weeks.
  • Hire Cart shed wall (facing 1st tee) cleaned and painted.
  • Quote for clubhouse solar this week.
  • Security cameras and new locks were installed in the compound thanks to Andrew Dick and Peter Piggott.