From The Shed – March 2019

Concerns about the Golf Course – tell Committee not Greens Staff

The Greens Director is not aware of any negative comments being directed towards our Greens Staff, but it is still appropriate to remind members about proper protocol.  By all means, pass on positive feedback, encouragement etc directly to Todd, Paul, Brendan and Alex.  They would certainly appreciate it.  But the committee draws the line there.  Our greens staff should not be distracted from their normal business to justify what they are doing or not doing, nor receive complaints from members.  Instead, contact a committee member, in particular Dave Lyons (Greens Director), or put your concerns in writing through the Club Secretary. 

While the financial future of the club is sound, we are still facing a loss this financial year.  Accordingly budgets for on-course expenditure have been significantly reduced until the end of June.  Todd is doing his best to accommodate but some general maintenance (e.g. rough mowing, fertiliser applications) are not being done as frequently over the last couple of months, as compared to earlier in the financial year.

Putting with flag pole in hole. 

While the practice of putting with the pole in the hole is preferred by many golfers the same cannot be said of greens staff, including our own green staff.  A course superintendent from a prominent golf course on the sunshine coast, visited recently by vets, had this to say about the practice on social media – “someone please tell me how we are supposed to keep our cup edges clean and sharp when members are now allowed to ferret the ball out of the hole with the flag pole still in.  Dumbest rule ever!!!!

We are seeing physical damage around the cups on our greens.  So we are asking members to gently (and vertically) remove the flag from the hole, before retrieving the ball.  We only have four greens staff and don’t want to ask them to change pin placements more than they currently do.

Removal of branches that impact on drives 18th tees

Big thanks again to Tony Bernhagen who arranged for a 20 m reach “cherry picker” to take out branches and widen the tunnel on the 18th.  Photo shows Tony overseeing his mate Nigel, high above, removing overhanging branches.  This will only cost the club a few cartons of beer.

Hopefully we can do similar on the second fairway next.  We will give formal recognition to the company that Nigel works for, through our Club Secretary.

A big thank you to volunteers who moved branches off the fairway on Monday 25th March – Tony, Doug Pearce, Ian Mulhall and Dave Lyons, and to those on Tuesday 26th March, who moved material to the burn site and to the firewood pile respectively – Doug Pearce (again), James Henderson, Don Clelland, Greg Michael and Ron Blount as well as Todd, Paul, Brendan and Alex (Greens staff).

Rock Garden 4th Hole

Some plants have been put into the garden, but they look very lonely.  Todd has a couple more to put in, but we need members to bring in more to make it look really good.  No more agapanthus, but ornamental grasses, succulents and any other relatively drought tolerant small shrubs are needed.  If you can help, please contact Todd, Greens Director, Dave Lyons or leave message on volunteer notice board. 

Walking Bridge on 17th

Bob (The Builder) Read has sourced timber (to be approved by Committee) to make safe this bridge.  The foundations of the bridge are sound and it should be upgraded as electricity and water lines are attached to the structure of the bridge.  It is proposed we get the timber in and when Bob is back on his feet and able to do so, we will arrange a group of lackeys to assist him.   

Working Bee on Monday April 8 – 7:30 at shed. 

Please put your hand up to help out on a working bee. We want to clear the under-brush left side of the 6th and 7th holes.  This will include cutting down branches that impact on the line of sight from the tee to the 7th green.