‘From The Shed’ – Course Update at 10th July 2014

Brrrr! So far it has been the coldest winter we’ve seen in quite a few years with overnight temps getting down around 3oC!

There have been significant frosts in the rough and surrounds this week which have slowed grass growth down immensely.

We are currently working on good fairway definition but be patient as with no growth it takes time.  We are also bringing many fairways in and increasing rough areas, if you see white marks around these are new fairway boundaries.

Last week we installed new drainage on the 4th in front of the green; this will hopefully alleviate some of the issues on this hole.

A new buggy shed is in the process of being built at the first tee and the gardens are being relocated to the train track side of the tee.

Personally this is my last Course News Update as Friday the 11th will be my last day before heading off for new adventures at Kalgoorlie Golf Course WA.  Thank you to all the members for such great support over the last 6years and thank you to all our volunteers for making my job so much easier, keep up the good work!

This is a great time of year for playing golf, get out there, bring your friends and family and support a great club.

Pictured from left (click to enlarge)Paul, Kirsty seated, Damien and Chris with their machines.

Kirsty Herring – Course Superintendent