Tel: 07 5447 6258
Myall Street, Cooroy Qld 4563
PO Box 28, Cooroy Qld 4563
Clubhouse Hours: 6:00am to 6:00pm

Friday Challenge Results Listing

Average field: 17
Total Rounds Played: 255
Number of Competitions: 15

DateFieldWinnerRunner UpThird
05/02/2021B.Robbo (34 on CB)–$20 BCN.Ackland (34 on Cb)–$15 BCM.Davies (34)–$10 BC
29/01/2021B.Robbo (36)–$20 BCR.Carty (35)–$15 Bar Voucher
22/01/2021P.Carroll (39)—$20 BCM.Davies (35)—$15 BC
11/12/2020M.Davies (36)—$30 BCK.Ross (34)–$15
04/12/2020B.Robbo (74 nett)—$30 BCP.Carroll (77 nett)—$15 BC
20/11/202015D.Beckhaus (40)—$30 B CK.Stevens (39)—$15 BC
13/11/202020B.Robbo (40 on CB)—$30 BCB.Price (40)—$15 BC
06/11/202017W.Brogden(43)—$30 BCC.Ryan (39 on CB)–$15 BCP.Jeucken (39)- $10 BC
30/10/202019D.Dangio—-$30 BCB.Nobble—Coopers 6 PackA.Smit—Carshop Cap
23/10/202016B.Price (40)—$30 BCB.Robbo (37)–Coopers 6 PackL.Cobb (36)–Back Pack
09/10/202020G.Anderson, K Hamo, L.Cobb (62.84) $20 BC EachK.Ross & G.Carson (63.75) Coopers 6 Pack and Back Pack
02/10/202016P.Carroll (40)—$30 BCD.Beckhaus (36)—Coopers 6 PackM.Davies (34 on CB)—Carshop Cap
25/09/202013P.Carroll (36)—$30 BCW.Brogden (34)—Coopers 6 PackP.Jeucken (33 on CB)—Carshop Cap
18/09/202014B.Robbo(37) —$30 BCM.Davies (35 on CB)—Coopers 6 packN.Ackland (35)—Backpack
04/09/202019K.Ross (38 on CB)—$30 BCD.Esposito (38)—Coopers 6 PackN.Ackland (37 CB)—Carshop Cap
28/08/202019L.Barr (43)–$30 BCP.Jeucken (37)–Coopers 6 PackS.Burke (34) VISITOR–CarShop Cap
21/08/202015G.Carlson (42)–$30 BCB.Robbo (39)–Coopers 6 PackK.Davies (38)–Carshop Cap
14/08/202021K.Ross (40)–$30 BCD.Dangio (38)—Coopers 6 packB.Wilshire (35 on cb)—Carshop Cap
07/08/202013J.Mac (34)—$30 BCP.Carroll (30 CB) —6 Pack CoopersBronco Price – Back Pack
31/07/202018B.Robbo(37) (CB)—$30 BCD.Clelland (77) —-Coopers 6 packJ Daniels – Carshop Cap
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