COVID-SAFE Practices at Cooroy Golf Club (08/10/2020)

As there has been some uncertainty about COVID-19 restrictions here is a reminder of the practices applying to all competition and social golf played at Cooroy Golf Club.  Please note in particular the practice for marking score cards.


  1. Players are to mark their own card. Only the player’s signature is required, however your correct score must also appear as Player 2 on another player’s card.
  2. Pool noodles are in place on each flagstick to make it easier to remove the ball from the hole.
  3. Players may remove the flagstick when putting, however CGC recommends that this not be done. Players should not expect another player to remove the flagstick for them.
  4. Rakes are available in the bunkers but CGC recommends they not be used. There is a one-card-length preferred lie in all bunkers.
  5. Ball-washers are not in use.
  6. Sand buckets are not in use. Members are encouraged to bring their own.
  7. Taps are available to fill water bottles but the fountains are unavailable.
  8. Handshaking at the end of a round is discouraged.


  1. The clubhouse is limited to 50 patrons (including the deck area).
  2. All clubhouse patrons must sign-in at the register when entering the clubhouse (not necessary if just paying green fees or competition fees).
  3. A minimum of 1.5m social distancing is required between groups.
  4. Patrons are now allowed to stand while eating and drinking, however please do not stand and drink at the bar. The bar is reserved for serving only.