From THE SHED – Course Update at 30th July 2013

Well with 125mm of rain falling in June and 85mm falling in July we have received nearly double the average winter rainfall this year and as you can imagine it has had a great impact on the course.

We have striven to keep carts on the course as often as physically possible and this has left us with some very muddy areas.  Cart owners/drivers PLEASE drive carefully and follow all signs and ropes as best as you can.  If you don’t you may cause more damage to the course and you may find yourself well and truly stuck.

Ground staff don’t enjoy rescuing people that have clearly ignored signage.

The greens are holding up quite well with only a small amount of disease on 14th and 7th greens and the usual algae issue on those smaller shady greens like 4th, 1st and 16th.

Due to these issues we will be mowing less frequently to assist in turf health, please be patient until we make our way to warmer weather.

Also please remember to fix your plug marks on the green, when they are very wet plug marks occur very easily.   Why not walk over the green and fix a couple while others are putting out?

Drainage works will be carried out on the 12th fairway as soon as the ground dries enough to make it physically possible. This will be similar to the 9th fairway drainage and will allow carts to travel over it better during wet times.

Don’t let the wet weather deter you, get out and enjoy the course!

Kirsty Herring – Course Superintendent