ANZAC Day Par 3 Challenge – Results

51 players participated in the Anzac Day Par 3 Challenge at 2.00 pm today.  Beautiful weather, great company and an interesting and challenging course made it an ideal golfing experience.

The highlights were teeing off from the 9th fairway to the 10th green, and teeing off from the 10th fairway to the 9th green.  Many thanks to Cyril, his committee and helpers for a well-organised and well-run day.  Special thanks to Andy Stewart for his hard work in setting up the 15-hole Par 3 course.

The 2-up game in the club house after the competition was the icing on the cake.  Winners of the 2-up were Louise Taylor and Brad Lavender.


Winner:  Lee Williams (26 c/b)

Runner-up:  Jan Galvin (26 c/b)

Rundown:  Karen Hall (26), Elke Emele (25), Colleen Sykes (24), Chris Michael (24).

Approach:  Mary Seiner


Winner:  Brad Lavender (33 c/b)

Runner-up:  Tony Foster (33)

Rundown:  Doug Pearce (32), Jeff McDonald (31), Brent Jesberg (31), Paul Korcynski (30).

Pin Shot:  Jack McCormack