12th July, 2020

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Unfortunately given lack of interest and support our monthly Saturday Happy Hour member draw has been discontinued.

A reminder we have the Garden Grant Memorial Men's 27 Hole Foursome Championship coming up on Saturday, 16th April 2016.

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Wayne Patston - General Manager
Cooroy Golf Club


Amazing But True Golf Facts

One-Armed Wonders

If you want to improve your chipping swing with just your right hand,  assuming you are right handed.  Famed instructor Butch Harmon explains what to do.  Try dropping 10 practice balls in front of a bunker and take you most lofted club.  Now put about 70% of your weight on your forward foot.  Then take the lofted club with your right hand and hit down on the ball.  The ball pops up and onto the green.  It works every time.

Something you may not know about Augusta National (quite topical right now)

Augusta National doesn’t have any rough.  It’s called the ‘second-cut’ – and it measures exactly 1 3/8 inches in height.

2015 09 -Coopers Challenge Results

Coopers Challenge: Results for 8th April 2016

Winner: Pat Carroll 40 points Runner Up: Mark Arundel 39 points c/b Run Down: Dennis Beckhaus, Rudy Agerbeek, Bill Hesse, Kevin Stevins

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WOMEN (Thursday): Results for 8th April 2016

Event - Monthly Medal - Stroke & Putts Division 1 Medal - B. Woolbank (72) Division 2 Medal - E. Hunt (74) Division 3 Medal - J. Galvin (71) Putting - L. Blackmore & B. Woolbank - 26 Nett Event Winner - J. Galvin (71) Runner up - B. Woolbank (72) Rundown - J. Kitcher (74), H. Conlan (74), E. …

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Prize Table

WOMEN: Invitation Day 5th April 2016 - Results

Sponsor: Cooroy Supa IGA Winners: Lyn Blackmore (Cry) & Carolyn Chestnut (Bwh) (43) - photo 1 below Runners-up: Leith Barr (Cry) & Susie Ferguson (PS) (41) - photo 2 below Run-down: Colleen Sykes (Cry) & Kaye Gilmour (Cry) (40) Lea Garner (Bwh) & Yvonne Rayer (Nam) (39) Bronwyn Woolbank (Cry) & Pam Marsden (Bwh) (39) Jan Galvin (Cry) & Kathy …

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Maryborough Strip

VETS: Results for 4th & 6th April 2016

CAPTAIN's CORNER Maryborough visited us on Monday and although we didn’t draw a huge field we established friendship’s that will make our visit to them in June all that more enjoyable. As most of you know we have organised a 24 seater bus to take us up to Maryborough on Tuesday, 14th June.  The sheet for this game will go …

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WOMEN (Saturday): Results for 2nd April 2016

Event - Monthly Medal - Stroke and Putts Division 1 Medal - L. Taylor (73) Division 2 Medal - J. Rabjohns (68) Putting - C. Clark - 28 putts Nett Event Winner - J. Rabjohns (68) Runner up - C. Sykes (69) Rundown - L. Taylor (73), H. Conlan (74), A. Highland (74), B. Woolbank (75), C. Clark (75), A. …

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