12th July, 2020

Hi reader,

One of the common themes in responses to the recent Saturday Men's Golf Survey is the issue of atmosphere and social engagement in the club house after golf on Saturday.  We need your support.

With this in mind and to encourage players to stay and relax in the club house for a while after golf we are introducing a Saturday Happy Hour from 4:30 to 5:30 on Monthly Medal event days with a members draw and cheapish drinks. 

Members Draw:

$50 credit to member account.
You must be present to win.
Prize jackpots if not won.

If you play early or not at all on Saturday just drop in to the club house for the draw and a hot coffee or cold drink and enjoy some socialising with other members. 

Give Happy Hour a go - it's only once a month.

The next edition of the Cooroy Golf Club newsletter, In The Rough,will be published in March.  If there are any particular topics you would like to see covered in future newsletters or if there are budding journalists among you who would like to contribute an article please contact our editor, Rod Booth at vets@cooroygolf.com.au. 


Wayne Patston - General Manager
Cooroy Golf Club


Quotes of the Week

I know I'm getting better at golf because I'm hitting fewer spectators - Gerald Ford.

In choosing a partner always pick an optimist - Tony Lima.

I went to play golf and tried to shoot my age, but I shot my weight instead  - Bob Hope.


WOMEN (Saturday): Results for 20th February 2016

Event - V. Parr Trophy - H. Conlan Winner - J. McKay (+1) Runner up - J. Galvin (=) c/b Rundown - M. Taurer (=), L. Taylor(=), T. Cairns(-1), M. Gray(-1), A.Highland(-3) Approaches - K. Hall, M. Taurer Longest Putt - M. Gray Birdie Box - Hole 15 - A. Highland ! (Twice in a week)???? Congratulations to all players …

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2016 02 19 - Committee Day at PH

WOMEN: Committee Day at Pacific Harbour Golf Club

What a great Committee Day at Pacific Harbour Golf Club at Bribie Island on Friday, 19th February 2016. We had 7 committee members play with Carmel Clark and Wendy Morse winning balls in the rundown. Thank you to Lavinia Hill for organising such a great day. Wendy O'Hare - Women's Golf Director

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2015 09 -Coopers Challenge Results

Coopers Challenge: Results for 19th February 2016

Winner: Brad Jordison 41 points (Footjoy Shirt) Runner Up: Andy Stewart 40 points(Coopers Umbrella) Run Down: Maria Taurer, Mark Arundle, Grathan Leatherbarrow, Rob Sirett, Peter Jeucken

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WOMEN (Thursday): Results for 18th February 2016

Event - Stableford Trophy - Muriel Willett Winner - D. Benghamy (37) c/b Runner up - T. Cairns (37) c/b Rundown - D. Walker (37), M.Taurer (37), M. Willett (37), S. Zulpo(35), J. Rabjohns(35), S. Sendall(35), F. Wiggins(34), F. Bull(33), L. Blackmore(32),K. Gilmour (32), D. Weaver(32) Approaches - S. Zulpo, L. Blackmore, K. Gilmour. Longest Putt - M. Taurer Birdie …

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2016 02 - Happy Hour
Sponsor Strip 2015

VETS: Week ending 20th February 2016

NTP SPONSORS Jimmy (aka Irish) excelled himself again on Wednesday producing great hamburgers with ingredients supplied by our NTP sponsors .  If you want to make burgers as good at home drop in and see our sponsors for supplies and have a quiet word to Jimmy about his cooking technique.    CAPTAIN's CORNER After three host day events, Don Clelland …

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