17th July, 2020

Hi reader,

Thank you for your application to join Cooroy Veterans' Golf Club.  Welcome aboard.

Being a veteran golfer is not simply or solely about golf or indeed winning.  The camaraderie and providing a friendly, supportive social environment for members is an essential part of the experience.  It is a great way to meet new friends and provides a platform for social interaction between people from all walks of life in the same age demographic irrespective of golfing ability. 

I'm sure you will enjoy our competitions and events and being part of the Veteran Golfer community.

We have provided you with a New Member Information Pack.  I’d encourage you to read through this information as it will help you familiarise yourself with The Vets and make the most of your membership. 

Look forward to catching up again shortly.

Attached below is a link to the recent Vets AGM and Package of Reports presented to members.


Rod Booth - Secretary/Treasurer
Cooroy Veterans' Golf Club


VETS: Results of 2017 AGM

click to view - Minutes of 2017 AGM click to view - 2017 Vets Report Package Summary of Key Decisions: 7. Resolutions to Motions: Annual Membership Subscription Fee for 2018 Resolved that the Annual Membership Subscription Fee for 2018 is $10.00 per Ordinary Member and $5.00 per Restricted Member. 8. Election of Office Bearers and Committee: There being no opposing …

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