Week Ending 19th August 2017


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The concrete cart path at the 17th Tee/1st Green is nearly finished with just some landscaping to be completed.  Greens Director, Brad Lavender's report on the effort put in by volunteers is included below.

Grant Smallacombe and Andrew Carson had a good day at Gympie on Tuesday, each scoring 41 points and taking out their respective Grades in a field of 102.

Grant will be aiming to continue his good form for the 2017 Single Matchplay final against last year’s winner, Bruce McLean.  Should be a good match, both local boys.

Ian Mulhall played some excellent golf in Wednesday’s Stableford to take out C Grade with 43 points.  Errol Radley returned to winning form to take out A Grade with 40 points.  Bill Hesse held on in a tight tussle to take out B Grade with 39 points.  

The top three teams in the Aggregate Stableford event were:  Ken McKay Team - 145 points, Peter Buchbach Team - 144, John Butler Team -142.

The closing date for the 2017 District Vets Championship at Mt Coolum on 28th August has been extended to 20th August.  Although titled ‘championship’ the event is more a carnival and another opportunity for a game of golf at a great Sunshine Coast course for just $15.00.  A Grade will be played as a Stroke competition with all other Grades played as Stableford.  see Post below to nominate.

2017 SPotY Leaderboard - Ron Blount has cemented his place on the top of the table with a comfortable lead of 8 points.

As Greg Michael is away for six weeks, Dave Lyons is taking over maintenance of this Leaderboard for the duration of Greg's absence.

Message from our Captain, Grant:

Slow Play: Unfortunately the old bugaboo of slow play continues to raise its head.  Our aim is not to make players go faster.  Rather we aim to get players moving smoothly around the course with little or no waiting. 

What players hate most is continual waiting. 

A smoothly flowing game is a good game of golf.  If you play your round over four and half hours with little, or no, waiting then you have a wonderful time.   If you play the round over the same time but face continual waiting then you probably have reason to complain. It’s not the time that makes the difference, it is the experience.

All sorts of helpful hints have been put out to improve pace of play with the most practical being Be aware of what is going on around you on the course with each player in a group taking responsibility for pace of play of the group”. 

If your group is consistently losing touch with the group in front or being pushed by the group behind then you need question if your group is contributing to slow pace of play and take responsibility.    

If we can’t sort out pace of play we will consider introducing a rule that allows groups to play through slower groups with the rider that if this happens twice to a slow group in the same round then penalties will apply.

Fair Play: We play Preferred Lie through the green in our home competitions which allows players to improve their lie by lifting, cleaning and placing their ball within one card length (NOT cart length, NOT club length), no closer to the hole, without penalty.  

You can only place your ball once under Preferred Lie.  Once placed it is 'in play' and the Rules of Golf and any Local Rules apply. If on placing the ball you still don’t have a good lie then bad luck, you must play it as it lies. Preferred Lie is NOT some sort of all encompassing get out of jail option.

We play golf without the supervision of a referee or umpire and expect players to abide by the rules of golf and fair play.  If you observe actions that don't fit with these principles then say something - it may be the player is not fully conversant with the rules. 


The Concrete Gang

Apparently there is a new gang in town that volunteers it's time doing concrete paving - it's called "Grant Smallacombe and His Associates".

I would like to say a big thank you to the around ten volunteers who helped with the paving for the concrete cart path at the 17th Tee/1st Green and the footings for the new bridge at the 18th Tee.  You know who you are!

We had members who had never picked up a trowel before in their life doing a wonderful job.  Just because they couldn't straighten their back when we finished doesn't mean they didn't enjoy it!!!

Once again a BIG THANK YOU - it's been a pleasure to work with you.

By doing the work with voluntary labour we saved around $4,300 in costs.

A NEWS UPDATE will be published shortly providing an update on other work and activities going on around the course.

Brad Lavender - Greens Director


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2017 SPotY - LEADERBOARD Ron Blount has cemented his place on the top of the table with a comfortable lead of 8 points ahead of Grant Smallacombe in 2nd place and Rob Nash who has taken over the hotly contested 3rd spot from Jason Egan. Only 5 points separate the next 10 places! RESULTS for 16th AUGUST 2017 Event: Single …

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VETS: 2017 District Championship - 28th August 2017

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