Host Day visit to GYMPIE


Hi reader,

The on-line nomination facility for our Host Day visit to GYMPIE on Tuesday, 15th August 2017 is now open.  Nominations close on Wednesday, 9th August 2017.

Nominations are open to male financial members of Cooroy Vets.

If you need a hire-cart we recommend you book one early as we are sharing the visit with Pelican Waters.

For further details click on this link to the GYMPIE Nomination List.  You can access the Nomination Form from this list.




Trist's Golf Tips
A Trinket of Swing Technique

Distance is increased if various ‘levers’ interact with large muscle groups during the golf swing.

Turn your upper body (shoulders) as much as you can (90 degrees is excellent, but not essential), but maintain the distance between your hands (even as the wrists hinge) and your chest. This is a powerful ‘lever’.

You will hit it further without having to resort to a long floppy backswing.


Cyril 'Guru' Trist