Week Ending 15th April 2017


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Nominations for the visit to Maleny are closed.  Click this link to see the final list and pairings - Maleny Nomination ListCar-pooling has been organised.  Brian Stephen and Terry Lyons will travel with Dave Lyons.  Jim Henderson and Don Clelland will travel with Rod Booth. 

Welcome to new Member, Doug Pearce

The winners in our Maryborough Bus Raffle are:  $50.00 - (89) Terry Wilson. $5.00 (96) Tony Foster, $5.00 (54) Ian Mulhall, $5.00 (18) Tony Foster, $5.00 (78) Steve Howes, $5.00 (58) Jin Henderson/Grant S/John D/Don C, $5.00 (138) Greg Michael, $5.00 (146 & 145) Grant S/Steve H/Jack R/ Jim H/Don C/Andre S/Andrew A, $5.00 (155) JRID-???, $5.00 (93) Dave Lyons. 

The cost of the bus for Maryborough is now covered thanks to Don Clellands' efforts in supplying second-hand golf balls and selling raffle tickets. 

ANZAC Remembrance Day 4 Man Ambrose promised some interesting team golf and it delivered with a field of 81, the course in good shape, slickish greens and brilliant coast weather.  A tight finish saw the Rob Powell Team and Dale Rickard Team each score 53¾.  A toss of the coin saw the Rob Powell Team make the correct call to take first place. The Lionel Willett Team collected the Bradman Award.

Thanks to our sponsors the Cooroy/Pomona RSL Sub Branch and our Vets ex-servicemen, Errol Radley, Tony Kershaw, Kevin Olsen, John Butler, John Round, John Cairns and Don Pigdon.  Thanks also to Grant for giving up a game of golf to prepare the 'sausage sizzle'.



Some Completely Silly Jokes

A door is lying on a couch in a physiatrists’ office.  The physiatrist says you’re not mad just unhinged.

Why do hummingbirds hum?  Because they don’t know the words.

I used to procrastinate but now I'm just not sure.

And a contribution from a very young relative who cheekily announced she knew lots of things like "What's the smallest thing in the world?  A pimple on a freckle on a sand-flys bum."


VETS: Newsletter week ending 22nd April 2017

Membership Welcome new member, Doug Pearce. Results for 19th April 2017 Event: 4 Man Ambrose Sponsors: Cooroy/Pomona RSL Sub Branch & Vets ex-servicemen - Errol Radley, Tony Kershaw, Kevin Olsen, John Butler, John Round, John Cairns and Don Pigdon Field: 81 Winners: Rob Powell Team - 53¾ (on toss of coin) Runners Up: Dale Rickard Team - 53¾ 3rd Place: …

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