2017 Cooroy MEN's OPEN

On-line Registration Now Open

12th July, 2020

Hi reader,

The on-line Registration Facility for this years' Men's Open is now available. 

click on this link to register your nomination by completing the On-Line Entry Form.

If you need a Hire Cart don't delay registering your nomination - there are 18 hire-carts available.

The official List of Nominations, automatically updated as entries are received, is available on The Club websiteYou can follow the progress of nominations by clicking on this link: List of Nominations.  You can also access the On-Line Entry Form from this List.

If you want to add your name to an existing Group of less than 4 players already nominated please see Andy Stewart.  You need to provide Andy with the required information by filling out a paper Entry Form.

Players not in a position to register on-line can nominate by completing a paper Entry Form.  A supply of this form and the Conditions of Competition are available in the clubhouse.


Men's Open Event Committee


Trist's Golf Tips
This Beautiful Game: The Mental Game 2

The golf swing is a sequence of movements, mostly one after another. There are some, however, that work at the same moment as another.

Even though you may be practising a 'new' or 'certain movement' when you step up to the ball to hit your best shot, you must instruct the conscious self to allow the swing to be 'continual'.

The sequential breakdown is for 'practise swinging'. 

Any separation of thought during this process of the swing will be a recipe for disaster.




2017 Cooroy Men's Open: NOMINATIONS NOW OPEN

ON-LINE NOMINATION is OPEN The on-line Entry Facility for this years' Men's Open is now available.  click on this link to access the on-line Entry Form: 2017 Cooroy Men's Open - Entry Form Entries must be made online (preferred method) using the above link or on the official paper Entry Form.  Entry by email or facsimile is acceptable provided it …

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