2017 Cooroy MEN's OPEN

5th July, 2020

Hi reader,

One of our major annual events, the 2017 Cooroy Men's Open, is coming up on Sunday, 25th June 2017.

Click this link for the Conditions of Competition for this years' event.

This year, for the first time, you can register your nomination for the event by completing an on-line Entry Form.

You can register up to four players in a playing group in one on-line process and also reserve a Hire-Cart if required.

Start getting organised now if you want to nominate a playing group.  You need the following information for each player in the group before you complete the on-line Entry Form. Full Name, GolfLink No, Handicap, Contact Phone Number, email and Course Transport (e.g. walk, hire-cart, own-cart)

The official List of Nominations will be published on The Club website.

The on-line registration facility opens shortly- stay tuned.

We are seeking volunteers to assist with organising and running the 2017 Men's Open.  A Volunteers Nomination List will be available shortly but in the meantime, please feel free to speak to Andy Stewart if you are interested in contributing to making the event a success. 


Men's Open Event Committee


Trist's Golf Tips
This Beautiful Game: The Mind Game 1

Less than 1 percent of ALL golfers have completed a round of golf in par or better

Measuring yourself against the par on the scorecard is a setup for failure.

Originally it was “ par for the course” which varied accordingly to the difficulty of the course conditions under which a competition was played.  If it was played in a heavy wind and driving rain on a long tight course, with narrow fairways and longish rough, par may very well have been set as high as 85 that day.

Par, these days, is just a printed number on a scorecard. A scorecard doesn’t change the conditions and indeed YOUR condition on the day.

Set your own par for the course to your PERSONAL par.

You are, say, a 20 handicap.  Par at Cooroy becomes 90, right?  There is no run and it is windy and a little showery and chilly.  So let's call that 93.  The greens have just been cored and they are sandy and bumpy. Only a special few like that.  Add a couple more.  Your shoulder is playing up a little and you had a rotten night’s sleep.  Add some.  You haven’t been in the best of form because you haven’t played as much as you would have liked of late because of family commitments.  Add some more.  Be realistic.  So, now par for you today is 99!

Be very pleased with yourself if you beat that.

Oh, don’t worry, there’s always someone in your division who shoots the lights out.  That’s a given.  Judge yourself by the mean average of the REST of the field.  Take a good look at the leaderboard.  You finished top 10 or 15, right?  That’s very good!  Be happy!

Preparing your mind for what is a realistic score for you that day is good course management.  Yes!, course management begins before you even strike your first shot!