Availability of Lunch on Wednesdays


Hi reader,

Wayne and bar staff currently organise a selection of sandwiches, pies and sausage rolls for us for lunch on Wednesday.

The high standard of the sandwiches, in particular, means they are popular, so the reward for food preparation effort in providing this service is doing a little better than break even financially, over time, thus contributing to the overall profitability of The Club.

It is important this service doesn't run at a loss.  Losses arise from too much wastage - i.e., food not purchased must be thrown out.   Over recent weeks, sales have been below expectations resulting in higher than normal wastage.  There could be any number of reasons for this drop in sales; wet weather, the humid conditions, lower field numbers, for example.

In any event, it is very difficult to estimate in advance how much food to have available from week to week.  In the circumstances, we are looking to introduce a system which will allow Wayne to gain a reasonable understanding of the numbers he needs to cater for on Wednesday game day for lunch. 

In future when you arrive at the clubhouse on Wednesday morning, please let Wayne know if you intend purchasing lunch.  Wayne may also drop out to the first tee throughout the morning to get an idea of player intentions for lunch.  This is not intended as a firm commitment but will give Wayne a better idea of what he should prepare for lunch.   

The new system will operate from Wednesday, 18th January 2017.

We are looking for your support and welcome any feedback, particularly if you think there is a better system. If you have any ideas speak to Wayne.

It is important to bear in mind that the alternative to finding a workable solution is that no food will be available on Wednesdays.