New Competition Prize Voucher System

Hi reader,

Questions from members about the new Competition Prize Vouchers introduced last week have prompted further explanation of how the system works.

Competition Prize Vouchers will only apply on our shotgun start days; this includes both Wednesday and Host/Invitation Days.

The Vouchers need to be redeemed on the day won by purchase of goods from Cooroy Golf Club or if this option is not practical then within one week.

All other competitions will see prizes remain as they are now i.e. in the form of either a credit to your Cooroy Golf Club member account or a sponsor donated prize.

Why Vouchers

The reasons for introducing Vouchers are:

We have an obligation to purchase a percentage of our annual spend on goods and services from Cooroy Golf Club.

We are assisting Cooroy Golf Club by having you purchase goods on the day of your win.  It works a bit like a 'spending stimulus' as any money sitting in your member account doesn’t turn into profit until it is spent.

We needed to come up with a system that allows us to provide a choice of prizes for visiting players on Host Days as it is not practical that they receive bar credits. If you play in away Host Days you will be aware that other District clubs do something similar for competition prizes and quite often raffle prizes.

Flexible Choices

The Vouchers do provide flexible choices for each prize level with a variety of spending options listed on the Voucher.

The Alternative

If we don’t have this Voucher system you will lose the option of choice as the prize you receive will be pre-purchased by our Captain on the morning of these competitions.