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Issue 4 - GemLife Update

Hi reader,
2019 05 - Gardens Strip
The gardens are looking magnificent thanks to the great work done by our garden ladies and volunteers.


A positive view of the proposed GemLife development by Noosa Council has seen discussions with GemLife moving towards clarity around an arrangement that is acceptable to both parties.

The full committee met with GemLife on Friday, 26th April where they showed a plan of the proposed development as it related to our golf course and a floor plan of the proposed club house in the Marty's Hut area. These drawings were preliminary and as yet do not constitute a formal proposal.

The Management Committee is reviewing the information provided and assessing the impact to the course with GemLife providing a golf course designer to help with any changes required to the course.

The Management Committee will meet regularly in the coming weeks to list our own plans and requirements to take back to GemLife.


We have joined Tourism Noosa with a view to attracting more visitors to our improved new look fairways by raising awareness of Cooroy as an affordable option for social and competition golf.

Membership of Tourism Noosa also creates opportunities to collaborate with other member businesses to create offers for domestic and international visitors to enjoy the Noosa hinterland and, play some golf at Cooroy!

The course recently had a visit from Aussie Golf Reviewers which will see us on YouTube shortly helping to promote The Club and improvements on the course.


As a new revenue stream recycling is making a small but increasing contribution to club finances. You can do your bit for climate change and contribute to the success of our club by saving up your cans and bottles (except wine bottles) and dropping them off in a bag at the bar each week.

The impact of wet weather on club income makes this revenue stream even more important.


The 2019 Cooroy Men's Open will be played on Sunday, 23rd June so start thinking about getting a group together. Online registration will open in mid-May.

The Cooroy Women's Open Day will be held on Tuesday, 4th June.

Using local newspapers we will be promoting the 2019 Men's Open and Women's Open as the premier golf events in the Noosa Hinterland. The aim is to boost our profile in the community and maybe even attract a few spectators to these events.


We achieved strong cash flow in March however, wet weather through April restricted play on the course and severely impacted income leaving us in the red for the month. We are, however, hopeful we can recover through May and June and still achieve a small loss for the financial year.


To brighten things up a mural is proposed to both the front and verandah side of the club house. The project is a collaborative effort with Wallace House (Center for Creativity) Noosaville, which has applied for a grant to cover the cost. The outcome will differentiate us from other clubs and attract more community attention to our club and club house.

We are moving the smoking zone from the verandah to an area next to the stairs in front of the pull buggy storage with roof and screen walls to two sides. This will free up the verandah area with moves underway to make it more aesthetically attractive.


The wet weather has forced postponement of many volunteer jobs so when the weather clears (and it will .... eventually!) Dave Lyons and the crew will need extra help so keep an eye on the volunteer notice board by the side entrance door on the verandah and the website eNoticeboard.


Kelvin Britain joins Wayne Patston, Andrew Dick, Rod Booth and Greg Michael on the recently formed committee.

The Committee is responsible for creating a framework for success for Cooroy Golf Club through:
  1. Development and effective use of a comprehensive and active marketing and communication strategy.
  2. Coordinated use of marketing, promotion and communication tools and platforms.
  3. Consistent, coordinated messaging.
  4. Effective use of club creative assets (branding).
  5. Coordinated management of public relations activities.
  6. Effective use of online assets (website, Facebook).
Resource constraints dictate the need to focus on tangible and realisable opportunities by concentrating on just a handful of key areas. The focus is on maximising opportunities rather than fixing problems. Activities so far include:
  • The committee has signed off on a Vision, Mission and Values Statement for The Club which will be available to members shortly.
  • The next stage of the membership campaign is being directed at 9-Hole membership and extending 9-hole competition opportunities.
  • Implementing an Integrated Marketing Program aimed at ensuring activities and messaging are coordinated across all marketing and communication mediums and channels.
  • Market analysis to assist identifying target markets which add value and contribute to club objectives. The analysis is also aimed at better understanding and gaining insights into our existing membership.

MEN: 2019 Cooroy Men's Open

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