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Week ending 10th March 2018

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  • Visit to Headland on 27th March 2018
  • Hosting Woodford and Maryborough on 19th March
  • Wednesday Results
  • Irish 4Ball Stableford on 14th March 2018
  • What is
The online nomination facility for our visit to Headland on Tuesday, 27th March is now available. Nominations close on 20th March.

Tee times are available from 6:45 am to 8:45 am. You indicate your start time preference on the nomination form. Headland will endeavour to allocate tee times in line with preferences.

View full details by clicking button below.


We host Woodford and Maryborough on Monday, 19th March at Cooroy.

Cooroy nominations are a little light on at the moment so get your name down as soon as possible and make up for some lost golf - the course will be looking good by then.


A little wet underfoot is something of an understatement but we played our John Madill Toyota March Monthly Medal......eventually.

Two John's and a Bob had a good day. John Butler took out A Grade with 65, John Cairns B Grade with Bob Atkin C Grade with 71. The Rundown went to 74.

We had a three way tie for Best Gross of 82 - John Butler, Errol Radley and Peter Buchbach.

Great to see John O'Donoghue back playing golf and looking fit and well.

Cooroy Golf Club Patron and ex Cooroy Vet Jim Dunstan recently reached an amazing age milestone, 100 years - congratulations. Last time I played with Jim was quite a few years ago but I still remember his quote as we finished the game "Its been good day at golf - I didn't fall out of my cart."

Irish Strip


Leprechauns lurking, prizes with an Irish flavour and Guinness mentioned in hushed tones. It can only mean one thing - an Irish 4 Ball Stableford.

Wear something green or orange.

Rumour has it that Paul O'Hare will perform his famous Irish Jig supported by his 'Red October Team' cohorts. However, they might need a bit of encouragement - cue raucous applause and hooting!

Did golf originate in Ireland? You hit down to make the ball go up. You swing left and the ball goes right. Sometimes the lowest score wins, other times the highest score wins, on top of that, the winner buys the drinks! An Irish 4Ball is almost, but not quite, as confusing. Here is a quick guide. Not that Irish really!

Holes 1-4: best Stableford score counts.
Holes 5-9: two best Stableford scores count.
Holes 10-14: three best Stableford scores count.
Holes 15-18: all Stableford scores count.


The scenario: Two players are playing with the same type of ball (both are numbered 1) but not marked. The balls land near each other but they are unable to determine which ball belongs to which player. What’s the ruling?
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