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Week ending 22nd December 2018

Hi reader,


That's a wrap for another successful year of Vets golf.

We hit off at 8:00 am for a 4 Person Ambrose with some trepidation about tee positions and iron use restrictions set by Grant and Jimmy but with the attraction of a cold beer and smorgasbord lunch waiting in an air-conditioned clubhouse.

Thanks once again to The Bush Boys’ for their enduring support and sponsorship of our Xmas 4 Man Ambrose.

Highlights of the day: The Dale Rickard Team (Dale Rickard, Peter Kennedy, John O'Donoghue, Terry Hymas) won the day with a tie for runner-up between the Peter Smith Team (Peter Smith, Terry Wilson, Graham Laing. Mike Kent) and the Michael Loe Team (Michael Loe, Tony Kershaw, Tony Hayes, Ossie Osborne).

Dale Rickard won a multitude of prizes so we will hear no end to his gloating. Luckily we have a short break before starting again in 2019! Dale has already flagged that he and his team will be back again next year bigger and better,

Thanks to Cooroy Golf Club catering (Wayne, Leith Barr, Christine Michael and Terri Cairns) we enjoyed an excellent smorgasbord lunch intermixed with the presentation of annual awards and trophies, a few drinks with lots of laughs and caught up with friends. It was great to see Garry Sheales, Bill Hesse and Brian McLoughlin attend lunch.

And our walking wounded made an appearance - Ray Hand for lunch and Terry Lyons stopped in on his way home from the hospital for a late lunch and chat. In true Terry grit and style, he is already talking about being fit to play at Pelican Waters despite losing a large part of his left foot in his recent vehicle accident. And, he was keen to head off to Trivia on Wednesday night although he probably needed to convince Anne that was a good idea first. There is no slowing him down!

A full rundown of our 2018 Annual Trophy Winners will be posted on the website shortly.

As has been the case throughout the year days like this don't just happen without a lot of organisation and work behind the scenes. Thanks to the Vets Committee and Grant and Jimmy in particular, for your efforts in making the day a success. Thank you also to Kevin Crundall, Don Clelland, Ron Blount, John Stewart and handicapper Assunta Easton for providing assistance throughout the year.

Thanks also to Bob Watson for his photographic efforts, a picture is worth 1,000 words! The picture library is now enormous.

We enjoyed the company of the Penman Family, Bruce and Carol Penman and, Bev and Kevin Caldwell, again this year for golf and lunch and to present our prestigious Jim Penman Host Day Trophy.

Course Superintendent, Todd McNamee and his hardworking team, Paul Dawson, Brendan O'Brien and Alex Delbridge joined us for lunch so we could thank them personally. We very much appreciate their efforts and the much-improved presentation of the course.

The contribution by our volunteers, many of them Vets, has not gone unrecognised; your efforts throughout the year have made a difference.

To our sponsors, both external and external, thank you once again for your support - it has been a record year for sponsorship. We are pleased to say that we expect that all our external sponsors will continue in 2019. Some spots for member sponsors are still available - see Grant if you are interested.


Annual Subscription Fees for 2019 are due for payment by 1st January 2019.

$10.00 for Men - Ordinary Membership
$5.00 for Women - Restricted Membership

The options for payment are as follows with the EFT option preferred as it is efficient and creates a receipt trail:

By Cash - Rod will collect from Wednesday, 9th January 2019.

By EFT to Cooroy Vets Bank Account – details as follows:

Name of Account: Cooroy Veterans’ Golf Club
BSB: 014557
ACCOUNT No: 390239948
REFERENCE: Subs for example 'Subs R Booth'

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you use EFT please ensure you include the REFERENCE described above to facilitate reconciliation.


As we are back into it very quickly in the new year with a busy January there will be no Holiday Season Stableford this year. However, if you are keen for a bit of competition Cooroy Golf Club is running a 9-Hole Series competition

Have a merry XMAS and see you all again in 2019.

Wednesday, 9th January 2019: January Monthly Medal, 8:00 am shotgun start
Monday, 14th January 2019: Host Day visit to Pelican Waters
Wednesday, 16th January 2019: Stableford, time start
Wednesday, 23rd January 2019: 2 Man Ambrose & Sausage Sizzle, 8:00 am shotgun start
Wednesday, 30th January 2019: February Monthly Medal, time start

Details for Pelican Waters will be provided as soon as available.


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    On the day of prayer, all the people gathered, but only one boy came with an umbrella.

    That's FAITH
  2. When you throw babies in the air, they laugh because they know you will catch them.

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  6. On an old man's shirt was written a sentence 'I am not 80 years old;
    I am sweet 16 with 64 years of experience.' Must have been a veteran golfer!

    That's ATTITUDE
When I was a child, I thought nap time was punishment. Now it's like a mini-vacation.

VETS: Newsletter week ending 22nd December 2018

Thanks to Cooroy Golf Club catering (Wayne, Leith Barr, Christine Michael and Terri Cairns) we enjoyed an excellent XMAS smorgasbord lunch intermixed with our presentation of annual awards and trophies, a few drinks with lots of laughs and caught up with friends. It was great that Garry Sheales, Bill Hesse and Brian McLoughlin could attend lunch. As has been the …
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