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Monday, 21st May and Tuesday, 22nd May

Hi reader,
Kennards Stump Grinder
As we are all aware the Club has lost sponsor dollars due to limitations imposed on some of our advertising.

Coupled with the long period of wet weather we have lost many income dollars.

In an effort to counteract some of our income loss the Club is very supportive of, and places a great deal of importance on our volunteer program.

Each of us is aware of the numerous tree stumps around the course.

Many of these stumps impose a hazard to buggies, are an impediment to the grounds staff when mowing, and look very unsightly.

Whilst hiring a stump grinder is expensive, we have been able to obtain sponsorship of a stump grinder for 2 days from Kennards Hire Noosaville. There is no charge to the Club.

A working bee has been organised for Monday, 21st and Tuesday, 22nd May.

We are desperately in need of volunteers to help in our work effort to clean up as many stumps as possible on these 2 days.

Work involved will be:
  • Scraping loose dirt from the perimeter of stumps to allow the grinder better and cleaner access to the wood;
  • Cleaning and levelling the ground area after the stumps have been ground;
  • Replacing soil as needed to provide for grass to grow;
  • Provide morning tea and sandwich lunches for the volunteers.
It is anticipated that the work will require 7 hours commitment each day so that we can maximise the use of the grinder and remove as many stumps as possible.

The bulk of the work is not expected to be laborious but if we can get a number of members then the work load is minimised for everyone and not focused on a few people. Some of the “work time” might just be relaxing whilst the stump grinder is in use.

Michele Sternberg, Editor NoosaNews, and Brenda, Editor CooroyRag have agreed to run an article on our Club including the Volunteer Program, community support and in particular how our members rally together to improve our Club. A photo shoot is anticipated during the 2 days.

Limited work will be undertaken on Monday morning but volunteers are needed for the afternoon and for Tuesday.

A small group of volunteers has already been organised for Monday morning.

It might be that all those who volunteer may not be needed for the full duration of the exercise.

If you can offer your services on either or both days please advise Graeme Caffyn on 0456 57 5432 or Rosemary Caffyn on 0418 562 620 as soon as possible with your contact details and availability AND / OR email Graeme at

Every little bit helps to improve our course.

Graeme is coordinating this exercise on behalf of the Club and can be contacted at any time.
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