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Week ending 29th September 2018

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The most advanced medical brains in the universe have yet to discover a way for a man to relax himself, and looking at a golf ball is not the cure.


Skippers with Geof Edwards
Have you ever seen our Captain so excited and keen to get on with the presentation after a competition. And quite rightly so. The 'Aussie Attack' team led by Grant finally grabbed the coveted Pewter Mug with a comfortable victory despite heavy sledging, particularly by Dave Lyons, skipper of the True Blue Aussie Team and Grant's black eye, unrelated to the selection process of course.

Australian Attack (Grant Smallacombe) 373
True Blue Aussies (Dave Lyons) 369
International All Stars (Jim Henderson) 355

It seems the International All Stars light has dimmed after 2 years at the top. Jim so nonchalantly passed off defeat that Grant needed to remind him, not too subtly, that he was obliged to fill the mug with beer at his cost.

And Grant, we have confirmed that there is now room to inscribe your name on the Pewter Mug. A great fun day and definitely on the program again for next year.

Tony Bernhagen (middle in picture below) played in the winning team but his shirt colour suggested a bit of subterfuge about heritage. However, it did fit the Sunshine Coast look so definitely an Aussie. And Doug Allisone, winning third place in the Stableford surely warrants a smile!

Thanks to Cooroy Community Bank (Bendigo Bank) through Geoff Edwards, for sponsoring this event. As Geoff explained at the presentation, Cooroy Community Bank has a lot to offer, particularly through its referral program with the club, so keep them in mind when you or a friend need banking services.

Placings in Single Stableford: A Grade Bob Noble 39, B Grade Tony Bernhagen 41, C Grade Wayne Carty 40.

We said good bye for another year to one of our regular visitors from down south, Leigh Gow and look forward to catching up again next winter.
Stableford Placings


Welcome aboard to new member, John Wuersching from Palm Lakes Resort.

And welcome back to Lance Horn after a stint in hospital with pneumonia.


The role of starter is critical in the efficient running of our competitions. The starter’s primary role is to collect fees, register players and manage an orderly start to the competition for each playing group. The starter also reorganises groups if necessary, hands out unclaimed prizes and engages with members as they register - not a trivial undertaking.

The starter must be at the club around 6:00am on time start days and well before 7:00am on shot gun start days. AND, our starters also play golf, so they need time to wrap up the registration side of things and then head out and enjoy their game.

AND, that's not the end of it. Once the starters finish their game the end of competition wrap up work needs to be completed, making it a very long day. Our starters enjoy the direct interaction with members and very rarely complain but on Wednesday things were made more hectic than necessary because a lot of members left it until late to register and didn't have a $2.00 coin or the equivalent coinage.

Members can make the starters job easier and more enjoyable by having a $2.00 coin preferably (or equivalent coins) when paying fees.

We encourage players to register AT LEAST 30 minutes before hitting off.

This is not the first time we have had to raise the issue of late arrivals. In future the registration window WILL CLOSE 15 minutes before the last tee off. If you have not registered by then YOU WILL NOT BE ADMITTED TO THE COMPETITION so don’t bother coming as there will be no game for you.

We accept there will be legitimate reasons for being late but if you find yourself in that position please PHONE THE CLUBHOUSE and let us know so we can reorganise the field. The same applies if you have nominated but can't play.

If you think this approach is unfair then put up your hand for a turn in the starters box.
Angry Golf Balls

VETS: Newsletter week ending 29th September 2018

RESULTS FOR 26th SEPTEMBER 2016 Event: Stableford and International All Stars v Aussies Sponsor: Cooroy Community Bank Branch of Bendigo Bank Field: 77 Have you ever seen our Captain so excited and keen to get on with the presentation after a competition. And quite rightly so. The 'Aussie Attack' team led by Grant finally grabbed the coveted Pewter Mug with …
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News FROM THE SHED - September 2018

Unfortunately we had the theft of approximately 3 trailer loads of fire wood that had been stored behind the 4th tee, a result of an excellent working bee involving close to 30 volunteers on the 13th of August. Two people were observed on the following Thursday 16th, with a trailer, but were not challenged. Likely to be someone who has …
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