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Week ending 3rd March 2018

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2018 02 27 - Bare Patch Repair Strip

It is still very early days in putting in place the recently announced changes to The Club Volunteer Program. Please bear with us.

The pace will start to pick up with the arrival next week of Todd McNamara, the new Course Superintendent.

In addition to email communication and the website, we will shortly provide whiteboards in the clubhouse displaying details of activities in which volunteers are, or can be, involved.

At our next Vets Wednesday shotgun start on 14th March, Greens Director, Dave Lyons will give an overview of the concept of a Rapid Response Team and how volunteers can assist with work necessary to get the course up to speed. This will be your opportunity to ask questions and nominate as a volunteer.

Despite the recent weather impacting golf activities it presented an opportunity for Dave to kick off the first rapid response activity - Repairing Bare Fairway Patches on the 17th and 18th fairways. Here is Dave's update on the work.

Friday (23/2): Cyril Trist, Kev Crundall and Dave spread fertiliser over small bare patches and adjacent areas on 17th fairway (the worst for small bare patches) then up to 18th green from creek and half way down to corner of 1st before running out of fertiliser. Cyril very keen so more fertiliser obtained from the sheds and also applied to many tees. Fertiliser will work but a bit more expensive. Good to see such enthusiasm.

Tuesday (27/2): Unfortunately only one take up to the request for for Rapid Response Volunteers in recent NEWS UPDATE CHIP IN newsletter. Rex Williams (rumored to have a bed in shed) helped by loading six loads of top soil into trailer. To his credit Kev Crundall turned up again and Dave collared collared Doug Pearce to come as well. With Ian Mulhall we had four volunteers doing coring, aerating, topdressing and some seed planting. The soil was easy to work, but the top soil was very heavy. We managed to top-dress just over 2 cubic m but as we did not have enough volunteers we stopped soon after. It was hard work. Could have achieved more with more volunteers.

But, we managed good coverage of bare patches on the 17th and in a couple of weeks there should be noticeable improvement, with more grass grow-over before winter. WELL DONE - GREAT EFFORT

This will be an ongoing project, the objective being to encourage grass grow over of small bare patches on fairways. The target is small only bare patches surrounded by grass.

The next phase will target a few more holes before the growing season ends but, to achieve this, we need to double the number of volunteers.


Marty's Hut has been deferred to a date to be decided and the March Monthly Medal will be played next Wednesday.

The weather won again, almost. We were able to play a 9 hole competition on the old course with the option to play around twice. Completing the 9 hole social scorecard proved an 'interesting' exercise.

A few elected to play around again to increase their chances. And, it worked for some with Jason Egan taking out the main prize with 21 points.

Others were so disappointed with their first result that they went out again but unfortunately with no better result.

1st ($30) – Jason Egan 21
2nd ($25) – Terry Magill 20 c/b
3rd ($20) - Peter Buchbach 20
4th ($15) – Tom Williams 19 c/b
5th ($10) – Andrew Dick 19

1st – Jason Egan (Prestige Meat Voucher)
4th – Wayne Carty (Richies Voucher)
6th – Peter Buchbach (Harvest Fresh Voucher)


Welcome aboard to Ron McCarthy.


14th March (Wednesday): Irish 4Ball Stableford sponsored by ‘The Leprechauns’. Wear something green!

th March (
Monday): Hosting Woodford and Maryborough at Cooroy

th March (
Tuesday): Host Day visit to Headland. Online nomination opens shortly


A reminder online nominations close next Wednesday, 7th March 2018. Click on the button below for nomination form and list of nominations.

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