2015 Closing Day – Titleist Xmas Shield

Winners: W Brogden, R Bordignon, I Lally   (52 2/3)

Runner up: J Scanlon, P Zipf, S Brogden   (54 1/3)

3rd: D Nash, D Wood, I Lumsden   (54 2/3)

4th: K Bell, N Dwyer, L Bonnell   (54 5/6)

5th: T Kershaw, D Wippell, B Jordison (55 1/2)

6th: B Woolbank, M Gray, T Denman (56)

Teams With Visitors

Winner: A Stewart, D Harry, T Bedford (54 1/3)

2nd: R Williams, L Williams, S Bieske (57 1/2)


4th – Dave Shing
7th – T Bedford
10th – C Nielsen


5th – M Bright
13th – A White

Pro Pin: K Brittain (8 cm) close!!

Christmas Hams:

  1. Terry Cairns
  2. Marc Bright
  3. Tim Denman
  4. Derek Clayton

A great day of golf and Merry Christmas to all!!!Santa Golfer