10 Year Celebration of New 9 Holes – Results for 26th July 2015.

Event: 3 Person Mixed Ambrose
Prize Donors: Sew Direct

Winners:  Jan Galvin, Mike Price, Darren Haines (54 1/3)
Runners Up:  Weang Brown, Nick Kostalas, Brad Jordison (55)
3rd: Lee Barr, Andy Dick, Mike Miklenda (57 1/6 )
4th: Colleen Sykes, Rex Williams, Ray Nolan ( 57 1/2)

Best Men’s Team: Roman Pajak, Barry Blackmore, Peter Jeucken (55)

Run Down : Shane Scanlan, Peter Zipf, Romeo Bordignon, Ron Blount, Ann Kenzler, Brent Jesberg, H Conlon, Pat Carroll, John Sutcliffe, Karen Hall, George Hall, Wayne Patston, Kaye Jenkinson, Eric Jenkinson, Mike O’Rourke

NTP:  4. Carmel Clark  7. Rex Williams  10. John Stewart  12. Colleen Sykes  15. Mike O’Rourke

Pro Pin: David Jones  ( 2.8m),  Kelvin Brittain

Raffle: Lee Barr, Wayne Brogden, Dave Chapman, Barry Blackmore, Ray Glover (meat trays), Col Easton  (Carlsberg Beer)

Congratulations and best wishes to Di on her retirement.

**** Men’s Championships begin next Saturday and Sunday****