MEN/WOMEN (Saturday):Results for 28th July 2018

EVENT DATE: 28/07/2018
TOURNAMENT or MAJOR EVENT NAME Prostate Cancer Research Day
GAME TYPE: 4 Person Ambrose
FIELD: 106
SPONSOR/PRIZE DONOR/s Cooroy Social Golf Club & Men’s Golf
WINNERS AM: Joe Daniels/Andrew Aves/Mike Miklenda/Dave Chapman 110

PM: Tony Bernhagen/ Bronwyn Woolbank/Carolyn Foster/Tony Foster 106

2nd PLACE AM: Anne Kenzler/Fay Wiggins/Ron Blount/Brett Robertson 106

PM: Derrick Wood/Ian Lumsden/Rob Nash/Tony Hayes 103 c/b

3rd PLACE AM: Phil Giblett/George Giblett/Dave Whipstar/ Jeff McDonald 101c/b

PM: Rosemary Caffyn/Graeme Caffyn/Tony Kershaw/Greg Flano 103c/b

4th PLACE AM: Jake Scanlan/Nick Kostalas/John Stewart/Adam LInde 101c/b

PM: Doug Pearce/Paddi Gannon/Roman Pajak/Sarah Brogden 99c/b

5th PLACE N.A.G.A Encouragement Award:

AM: C.Kent/K.Dalgleish/A.Jones/L.Obrien

PM: B.Jesberg/D.Uren/L.Sheppard/G.Kibbis

NTP – 6th Hole Team Patston 2balls ea
NTP – 7th Hole (Coopers Brewery) Team Bernhagen 2balls
NTP – 10th Hole SUPER-PIN Team Brittain 2balls ea
NTP – 12th Hole (Cooroy Hotel) Team Smallacombe 2balls ea

Fundraiser: 1st Bob Watson, 2nd Yvonne Troman, 3rd Eve Hunt

Club: 1. Richard Gibson, 2.Mark Kennedy, 3.Geoff Edwards


Just a wonderful day. Thanks everyone for your participation, your support of the P.C.R raffle, and your embrace of a different concept of play.

Cheers Men’s and Women’s Golf Committees and Cooroy Social Golf Club.